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2017-05-04 »

Imagine it's 1980, and I have a small business with 10 people, and you are trying to sell me an IBM mainframe to do my accounting. When I protest, you offer to instead let me rent spare time on someone else's mainframe, and you'll even waive the fees for the first two years. That's this.

2017-05-08 »

New York's staircase graveyard.

2017-05-09 »

Terminology of the day: "data selfies." For example, when people visit my app and repost a screenshot of their part of the org. I think there could be profits in this somewhere :)

2017-05-10 »

"'I used to be a tech blogger, and was highly critical of companies like Google', said Rosa Golijan, a privacy engineer and member of NightWatch. 'Once I stepped inside and expected to find some deep dark secrets, but instead found a lot of processes that are complicated and nuanced.'"

That's what I found too. I was pleasantly surprised.

2017-05-11 »

A really nice intro to TCP congestion control. I knew how Reno and BBR worked, but not CUBIC, and they did a great job of explaining and contrasting all three.

2017-05-18 »

Survivorship bias: the notion that your hack will live long enough to make you regret it, so you'd better design and implement it really carefully right now. Yes, that happens. But those are just the cases you hear about.

2017-05-29 »

Many interesting points in here. One of the points is that conversational interfaces are mostly kinda pointless unless you have general AI, and general AI is obviously useful whether you "converse" with it or not.

2017-05-30 »

Ways to tell you're being abrasive: everyone in the airport waiting area can hear you angrily saying, "I'm not being abrasive." (Not me, in case you're wondering.)

2017-05-31 »

I love a good javascript-canvas simulation, and this is a really good javascript-canvas simulation. :) (You have to scroll down to the "nudge" checkbox before it gets really cool.)

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