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2014-11-06 »

OP says something funny; GFiber support responds with something funny and kinda clever and informative.  Reddit proceeds to not be funny.  The end.

2014-11-11 »

From back 2008, but still interesting: a claim that there are only about 3000 analog electrical engineers in the world.

This could explain why understanding of the wifi PHY knowledge is so... uncommon.  Also why the viewership ratings on my blog declined dramatically when I started talking about it :)

2014-11-15 »

I was just reading a sci-fi novel yesterday and it included the concept of "subvocalization" as a way to control a mobile UI.  As I understand it, subvocalization is basically just mouthing the words without using your voice.  I have to say, I think if such a thing would work, it would be way less embarrassing than eg. talking to Google Glass in public.

Is there any research out there that says this sort of thing is plausible?

2014-11-17 »

"bup is by far the best backup tool I've encountered lately."

Huh.  Well, how's that for the best praise I've heard... lately?

2014-11-19 »

The word I would use to describe Apple since Steve Jobs left?  Sloppy.

That's how you lower your standards.  Just a little bit at a time.

iPhone (and especially iPad) used to be the ultimate standard for the best phone screen, including crispness and colour quality, no exceptions.  They managed to sell the iPad to publishers as a legitimate way to publish even fashion magazines, because every iPad had perfectly identical colour rendition so things would actually look like you intended them to look, for every viewer - no exceptions.  Just like paper, and unlike every other electronic publishing method anywhere.

There's no way he would have let this monstrosity out the door.

2014-11-20 »

I don't understand the future, but it seems to be pretty awesome.

2014-11-21 »

Was this too mean?  [1]

I really enjoy your sshuttle program and am trying to understand the details of it's operation. I have searched, read man pages, looked at the code, but can't seem to get the detailed theory of it's operation (pseudo code). ... I am thinking of something like this which corresponds to my level of comprehension:

Listing 1-1 Pseudo-code for a Client
  enroll as a client of the BEA TUXEDO application
  place initial client identification in data structure
  perform until end
  get user input
  place user input in DATA-REC
  send service request
  receive reply
  pass reply to the user
  end perform
  leave application

It's something like this:
   create firewall rules
   for each incoming connection:
     forward connection to remote server
   wait until ctrl-c is pressed
   remove firewall rules

Hope this helps.

[1] Yes, I know that whenever you have to ask that question, the answer was "Yes."

2014-11-22 »

There is no room for refinement in a world of endless revolutions.

2014-11-24 »

"For every 1 ranter, there are probably at least 10 silent deserters."

2014-11-26 »

alivemonitors are like violence: if they aren't working, you just need more of them.

2014-11-30 »

In case you were wondering what emergent AI will look like, it's approximately this.

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