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2014-11-21 »

Was this too mean?  [1]

I really enjoy your sshuttle program and am trying to understand the details of it's operation. I have searched, read man pages, looked at the code, but can't seem to get the detailed theory of it's operation (pseudo code). ... I am thinking of something like this which corresponds to my level of comprehension:

Listing 1-1 Pseudo-code for a Client
  enroll as a client of the BEA TUXEDO application
  place initial client identification in data structure
  perform until end
  get user input
  place user input in DATA-REC
  send service request
  receive reply
  pass reply to the user
  end perform
  leave application

It's something like this:
   create firewall rules
   for each incoming connection:
     forward connection to remote server
   wait until ctrl-c is pressed
   remove firewall rules

Hope this helps.

[1] Yes, I know that whenever you have to ask that question, the answer was "Yes."

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