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2014-08-16 »

Stumbled upon my iPod Touch 3G from 2009 and thought I'd poke at it today.  It stopped receiving updates at iOS 5.

Now that I'm used to iOS 7, iOS 5, of course, seems like a major upgrade.  So no, it wasn't change aversion, iOS 7 just sucks.

Speaking of things that got worse over time, here are three images: "Google" Maps on iOS 5 (well, Apple's app with Google's tiles), the Google Maps from a few months ago on iOS 7, and Google Maps as of today on iOS 7.  Note that iOS 7 is on my iPhone 4S, so it has double the pixel density.

My observations:
- the added pixel density has bought me nothing; there are fewer useful labels.
- the number of street labels has declined over time.
- the newest one has a bunch of pointless labels of pharmacies and (what turns out to be) a church.  Why?  I have no need for that at all right now.  If I wanted a pharmacy I'd search for one.
- The new little compass-direction indicator looks really handy.

Seriously guys.  All I want is street labels.  Please put more street labels on my maps.  Everywhere.  Squeeze them tighter.  If there's a place you think I might want a street label, then I want it.  If there's a conflict between a pharmacy and a street label, show me the street label.  A pretty map with no street labels is a useless map.

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