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2016-11-08 »

An encyclopedia of failure, volume 1 of n. The blue lines are tcp_transonic (my lobotomized congestion control). Each line is a test run, and each box is a particular test device. The ideal answer is y=0 for all x (where x is time, and y is how far behind realtime you've fallen). I've filtered down to only the boxes that have run both with and without tcp_transonic, and have failed at least once (ie. y < -2 for some x).

Or maybe, a bit more simply, the line slants down toward the right when the wifi is too slow, and upward when we're catching up, and flat when things are just right.

(Spot checking some of the failures, they seem to mostly be things like connecting to a non-GFiber access point, or connecting on 2.4 GHz when we should be using 5 GHz, both of which should not happen in real life. But then again, those are the sorts of adverse situations where you expect transonic to do better than plain TCP.)

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