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2016-01-11 »

Last week I got a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to test it with wifi roaming (long story).  I hadn't used a Samsung-ized Android device before, but I'd just like to point out that it has:

  • A physical home button
  • A popup keyboard that has actual boxes around the letters (did anyone do a usability study before removing those boxes??)
  • A clock app where all the submenu icons have little labels under them
  • A notification pulldown menu that you only have to pull down once to see all the things
  • A redesigned Settings menu with settings in places I expect them
  • A surprisingly good note jotting app to use with the stylus (although honestly, I'd never use this)
  • ...and yes, the wifi supports 802.11v supposedly, which stock Android still doesn't.

Also, I got it several days ago and charged it, and I haven't charged it since, and the battery is still near 100%.  That's not really fair because it has no SIM card and its wifi spends most of its time unconfigured, so there's not actually anything for it to do.  But still, that's kind of cool.

I guess I shouldn't have believed the hype that nobody can make good, well-functioning, non-polluted Android devices.

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