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2016-02-04 »

My hobby: doing things the easy way and then watching in despair as 5x as many people do it over again the hard way.


2016-02-13 »

I think I just understood why Americans are so afraid of a "nanny state." The nannies here are psychotically overprotective.

Come on, it was -40 with windchill in Ottawa last year, and we went to the ice fest, and we liked it! (Okay, we didn't like it all that much, but we went.)

2016-02-16 »

Apologies for linking to the Ycombinator post, but it was actually useful.  I had no idea the Apple's new iOS security model (iPhone 5S and later) was so amazing.

The court order here is for an iPhone 5C so I guess it's probably technically possible to comply.

2016-02-19 »

"The problem is not that we have a lot of fsync() calls. Quite the reverse. fsync() is really really rare. So is being careful in general. The number of applications that do even the minimal safety-net of 'create new file, rename it atomically over an old one' is basically zero." -- Linus Torvalds

2016-02-27 »

The technological singularity: 

The dystopian but likely future point when increasing frequency of software updates intersects with the increasing amount of time it takes to "optimize your applications" after a software update.  When this happens, progress will, paradoxically, be prevented by progress itself.

2016-02-29 »

"At Apple, 99 percent of everything that was started would ship. Now, with the iPhone it took two and a half versions to finally ship it, but you knew it was going to ship. That's a very different thing in your culture. If people know it's going to ship, they invest in it. If you have a culture where you kill stuff all the time, you won't get the best out of your people, and the best people are going to walk."
-- Tony Fadell

That's not what I expected. I assumed they intentionally didn't release tons of stuff over there.

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