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adewhurst finished his summer co-op term working with me at Versabanq last week, and this week I sorted out the necessary details to open source essentially all of his work (and the work I did to work with it). Yay!

The good news is it's a fun project that involves ODBC and middleware (I give up, I must be a middleware guy), and a port of dbus to WvStreams and of the latest WvStreams to Win32.

The bad news is that to build it all you currently need Ubuntu, experimental versions of mono and libdbus, an unreleased branch of WvStreams, and quite a lot of documentation that currently exists only in Adrian's head and mine.

So please don't think of this as an announcement, because if I were to announce the release right now, it would be a terrible disappointment to you since you could never possibly make it work.

Just think of it as another step in making banking fun. And look forward to the actual release announcement, coming soon.

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