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Avery's Schemamatic/Squel presentation now downloadable

My presentation from CodeRage III, Schemamatic - Calling & Revision-controlling Stored Procedures, is now available for online/offline viewing at your convenience in flash video format.

Watching it again a while after I recorded it, I've decided it's not boring like I thought it was at the time. I still know what I would do better next time, but all in all, it worked out pretty well.

In the presentation, you can learn about Squel, a free-to-use, non-crappy front-end to Microsoft SQL, and Schemamatic, an open source tool for copying database schemas around and checking them into version control. Schemamatic is part of the open source Versaplex middleware project. All three programs are brought to you courtesy of Versabanq. And me. So you know they must be awesome, right?

Sadly, the Q&A section seems to have been left out of the download, which is sad, because the Q&A session featured the moderator asking me a series of unrelated questions from another presentation that was going on at the time. A presentation about VMware, not about databases. But I diligently answered them anyway, until we eventually figured out why our audience was asking such weirdly irrelevant questions.

There are a bunch of other CodeRage III presentations also available for download. If you like Delphi, check them out! You might learn something. I found quite a few of them interesting myself.


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