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2008-03-10 »

Versaplex actually does something

garoth (one of our co-op students at Versabanq) writes that Veranda is now ready for human consumption. Veranda is a graphical database management front end for Versaplex. Now, he actually used the word "done," but I've long ago learned that that word doesn't apply to software. Especially once someone actually tries it out.

Versaplex is a still-sparsely-documented database "middleware" layer that basically lets you talk to your favourite SQL database engine over D-Bus. It will eventually provide various latency, parallelism, and API convenience advantages (since most databases have absolutely terrible protocols and client APIs).

You can visit versaplex at If you want to help out, join the versaplex mailing list.

Note: versaplex runs on Windows or Linux, but it currently only supports talking to a MS SQL database. We definitely want to fix that! Contributions are welcome.

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