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2016-07-02 »

Interesting. They seem to avoid the parts I hate about gnu radio (terrible API, zillions of dependencies) with the only downsides being immaturity, maybe they don't support my hardware, and you have to learn lua. It may be a reasonable trade.

2016-07-05 »

Today I got nerd sniped by the prime minister of Canada. For various reasons, I decided to read his so-called autobiography (presumably ghost written or brilliantly edited):

...which contains a puzzle that I'll summarize as: let's say I go to a corner store and buy four items. What are four prices that when added together make $7.11, and when multiplied together, also make $7.11? (No rounding required.)

This turns out to be a fairly old problem, and trickier than it sounds.

2016-07-11 »

So much scary stuff in here, but my favourite line is, "When I was in graduate school in the 1970s, n=10 was the norm, and people who went to n=20 were suspected of relying on flimsy effects and wasting precious research participants."

My wifi analyses have n=~millions of data points, and I still have no idea if I'm doing it right. The difference is they pay me either way so I have less incentive to go on a 20-year self-delusion binge.

I like the meta-analysis method where they (to oversimplify massively) check for biased results by seeing if they are suspiciously close to the standardized publishing cutoffs. They can even, using methods I don't quite understand, detect the difference between publishing bias (we don't publish negative results) from methodology errors (eg. filtering outlier data points you don't like). It's neat.

2016-07-18 »

It's not you I hate, anycast. It's what my server became because of you.

2016-07-24 »

"demonstrating strong performance: average user throughputs remain high across the network, over 1 Mbps"

2016-07-28 »

I keep looking for a counterexample, but there are still no situations where the use (by myself or others) of a mock library has made my life better. Just say no.

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