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Assorted commentary

Markham/Richmond Hill still has the best bubble tea.

Blue Mountain is surprisingly non-bad, although I get the impression I must be kinda dumb, because everyone there kept telling me, "But you have better hills out near Montreal, don't you?" Yes, we do. But I'm not there, now am I? And the weather was nice.

Also, I needed an excuse to drive the Pontiac Pursuit some more. Mmm, pulsating. And I have to give it back soon. Sigh.

My failed attempt to defend Java

Flying bejeezus, pcolijn. There are some things I just didn't want to know. I quit.

Also, I think I'm getting a bit too technology dependent. I had to ask Google how to spell bejeezus.


No, I don't know who you should vote for. But I do know the best campaign tagline ever. "At least in Quebec, there's the Bloc." The rest of you poor saps don't really have much to choose from, do you?

On getting smarter

Since August sometime I've been a very different person. You might not have noticed. But now that I understand everything so clearly, it's very weird to keep talking to and dealing with people who don't understand, or who can't understand, or who refuse to understand. It's particularly eerie to argue with people who were so thoroughly brainwashed by the previous me that they actually thought I was right and now use my own fallacious arguments to explain why I'm wrong. It's like talking to a ghost.

But I'm not crazy. I'm sure of it. It's everyone else who's crazy. I may have to do something actually crazy just to make sure I can tell the difference.

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