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2008-04-08 »

The triumphant return of ion1

I really like the ion window manager. However, recent versions (ie. post version 1.0) haven't added anything I wanted, while adding significant complexity and making it so that certain things I liked in the original are nearly impossible to attain.

Specifically, I have "split this frame vertically" defined as ALT-S-V, and "delete the current frame" defined as ALT-S-X. If I do these commands in quick succesion in ion1, effectively nothing happens; my focus is where it started, and the order of my windows is the same as it was when it started. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to do the same thing in later versions of ion; "delete the current frame" always ends up moving my focus around and changing the order of windows. Probably there's a way to program what I want in "lua", the oddball scripting language it uses, but I haven't bothered to learn lua and I don't see the point of doing extra work.

Thus, I hereby announce the stillborn ion1 revival project. I say "stillborn" because I have taken the source code to ion1, built it as a .deb package for Ubuntu Hardy, and I now plan to stop working on it since it already does what I want, and that was the whole point.


(If you do happen to want to contribute patches, though, please let me know. ion1 does have a few bugs that I'd love to see get fixed.)

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