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2015-10-10 »

STP -> Spanning Tunneling Protocol
GHC -> GNU Hadron Collider

You're welcome.

2015-10-11 »

Proposal: excellence perfection

Nobody knows what excellence means.  My home town of Thunder Bay has a place called the "Aviation Center of Excellence" whose name is basically now just a joke.

By extension, "product excellence" is a joke.  An "Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence" is an actual joke from the Simpsons.

Perfection says what it means: an unending, iterative quest for the unattainable.  But you know exactly which direction you need to be heading to get there, and that direction isn't another pointless rewrite or some new features or more animations or bug bankruptcy.

I've never worked at Apple but I suspect "perfection" is pretty close to the attitude they have.  Not that they get there, but that they are trying to get there.

2015-10-19 »

Things that have outlived any usefulness they (might) once have had:

cron error emails that get delivered to /var/mail/root on one of your 1000 servers.

2015-10-20 »

"Honestly I haven't seen anyone's haircuts discussed this much besides Hillary Clinton."
   - my friend, on the Canadian election results

I think what this tells us is that U.S. media can lower the standard of discourse no matter what material they're given.  I'm sort of relieved by this.

Trudeau's father is just the guy who pushed through official Canadian bilingualism and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  No need to bother people with what the son might have in mind, policy wise. (Honestly, his PR people might be exactly right though.)

2015-10-26 »

From 227k lines to 97k lines of code:

Or you know, use clockspeed+tlsdate and a simple shell script to connect them, and get the same amount of usefulness with none of the security holes in about 9k lines.

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