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2012-06-18 »

I sent my dad a link to this UX test video (which I summarize as "do and watch UX tests or die of embarrassment"): How Real People Will Use Windows 8

Here's his response:

Ha, luckily we here in Thunder Bay have support just a phone call away and the people at Tbaytel are trained to speak "old People". We don't have to put up with that big city tech support guy saying "I'm trying to make a point, do it yourself". Sometimes Microsoft phones me personally to
tell me if I have a virus and then fixes it over the interweb lines for a small fee. How often does the Mac guy call people up? When they break it takes a genius to fix them and they all left town or started working for Future shop. Oh, and Microsoft doesn't use silly animal names for the new versions either. You'll never hear "try the new Windows  Donkey" they use real English numbers so you always know when it's time to send more money. Apple has been stuck at OS X for like a decade or more, it's like they don't know the Roman numeral for 11. Obviously no geniuses applied for the renaming the operating system department.

Okay.  You win this round.

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