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2008-12-17 »

New release of Squel

We just published a new release 0.5.2 of Squel, the handy front end to MS SQL. This one fixes a bit of confusion discovered during usability tests and discovered by its first few users outside Versabanq. Notably, it's now more obvious how to connect using Windows (ie. Active Directory) Authentication instead of SQL Server (ie. username/password) authentication.

Naturally, if you already have an older version of Squel, it will automatically upgrade itself. Optionally and reversibly, of course. Why would anyone do it any other way?

In related news, I set up an account for Squel on Uservoice is a really nicely done service, which I discovered because it's used by It works almost exactly like the old "feature voting list" we had for Nitix, but with a much prettier/friendlier UI and the ability to have short discussions in the comments. Plus, of course, it's basically zero effort to set up for new projects.

Despite my earlier comments that bug tracking systems for free software are a bad idea, I think something like uservoice can have a place. This is particularly true if your software isn't free, or if you otherwise have commercial reasons to want to get more people using your software.


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