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2008-11-14 »

On listening to idiots

Joel Spolsky, via some guy, via Joel Spolsky:

    Spolsky: Well listen, if you're really searching, then search on my name and you'll find all these people complaining about how I interrupt you, and I never listen to what you're saying, and I'm the idiot, and you're the wise one on the show. And that's fine, because what's cool is, the more-- that's just going to make people listen to the podcast more. That's the way it is with podcasts. There is nothing more fun than listening to two people, one of whom you hate, one of them you like. Atwood: That's true. Spolsky: It doesn't matter which is which. It's just so much more fun than if you like them both, or if you're-- there has to be like one guy there that you just want to punch. Or you can't get emotional.

What annoys me is that this is a transcript of a podcast, and there's apparently some interesting discussion there, but there's no way I'm wasting an hour a week listening to a stupid podcast. You can't skim over the boring parts! What was the point of non-text media again?

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