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2017-10-05 »

People keep telling me I should write a book with all this stuff I keep posting about. But my deep dark secret is... I mostly got it from reading books in the first place.

2017-10-06 »

git basically gives you superpowers. However, like any new superhero, you will need to go through a montage of embarrassing and destructive mistakes as you learn to use those superpowers.

2017-10-15 »

Event horizon

One of the dangers of working at a big company that does a little bit of everything, even if that big company has a pretty open culture, is it's really hard to remember which things are still secret and which have been released. Since I started working for such a company back in 2011, I've still had as many opinions as ever, but I've contained them mostly to an audience at work, so that I don't accidentally leak something. People who used to follow my writing have probably noticed that there has been a lot less of it than there used to be.

Well! Luckily(?) for you, I had a bit of spare time last weekend, and managed to extract, then filter and review, my posts from the last 6 years. They've now been "seamlessly" merge-sorted into, including their original dates, so you too can see the slow evolution of my thought processes (especially regarding wifi) interspersed with the previously-published content when I finally got something that overcame the friction of making a public post.

Useless trivia: this import more than doubled the total number of posts, but only increased the total word count by about 50%. It's probably because there are a bunch of articles that are essentially just sharing a link to someone else's content, with a line or two of commentary. Such is the New Way of the Internet, I guess.

Anyway, I had some misgivings about this, as the new content is maybe not as useful, on average, as the old content. Or maybe it is. I don't know. You don't have to read it. No one, as they used to say at work, is forcing you.

More useless trivia: the automatic "Related" and "Unrelated" links generated by the latest version of the software that runs this site tends to consider the old-style (mostly long-form) content "Related" to itself, and the new, shorter-style content "Related" to itself, with few overlaps between the two. Apparently my writing style was different enough to be detected by even my very naive clustering algorithm.

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