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2009-08-01 »

Schedulator now supports Basecamp

In case anyone cares, last night I checked in some changes to Schedulator to add a Basecamp plugin. Basically, it slurps in your Basecamp to-do lists and schedulates all the tasks in those to-do lists that are assigned to you. You just need to add a line like this to your schedule:

    import todo basecamp://apiuser:pwd@mycompany.basecamphq.com/myusername

By instantiating more of the Schedulator plugins, you can import to-do lists from multiple basecamp accounts or mix in bugs from your favourite Fogbugz, Mantis, or Google Code projects.

Lately I've been using Basecamp more than Fogbugz. They both have their advantages, but the Fogbugz process just seems to be a little heavyweight when what you're really doing is managing a tiny team with a self-imposed list of tasks that need to be completed for the next iteration, which is in only a couple of weeks. Basecamp's trivial UI actually seems to handle this case better.

But what Basecamp doesn't have is the ability to estimate how long a bug will take, then compare it with how long it actually took, and predict when you're going to be done, and help you determine whether you were lazy today or not.

In fact, that last one is a feature I haven't seen in anything but Schedulator, and the laziness detector is probably its #1 feature. I know it's surprisingly effective at motivating me, at least, even though I ought to be immune to such tricks.

Anyway, the current Schedulator is horrendously complicated to install and under-documented, plus its UI kind of sucks, and it's not even available as a try-and-buy Web 2.0 service, so you probably won't ever find it useful. That makes me sad, but since I don't have too much time to work on it or even evangelize about it, I guess that's the way it will remain.


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