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2014-02-02 »

Finally read something about dogecoin.  My main conclusion is that the ability of silicon valley / startup people to detect a bubble is actually zero.  On the bright side, its creator certainly found a genius way to demonstrate this.

2014-02-06 »

I think it is fair to note that if this were a thread about a project I'm not working on, my first thought would be, "Come on, we can't make a frickin wireless router that's as good as a $30 TP-Link?  How hard can it be?"

Hard.  But what's worse is I still don't really understand why.  It's not like TP-Link is doing anything extraordinary.  And no, loading openwrt doesn't just fix it.

2014-02-11 »

So you think you know wifi?  POP QUIZ:

1) Imagine a configuration with two isolation chambers connected by a single coax cable.  Inside each chamber, on the inside of each box, the end of the coax cable is connected to a dual-band (2.4 and 5 GHz) wifi antenna.  In one box, there's a 3x3 MIMO AP.  In the other box, there's a 2x2 MIMO client laptop.  What is the maximum 802.11n MCS rate you can attain between the two devices using 20 MHz bandwidth at 2.4 GHz?

2) Your AP is beaconing on channel 1 (20 MHz width).  Your monitoring station, 6 ft away, is listening on channel 6.  Do you see the beacon in a wifi tcpdump (using radiotap)?  Why or why not?  (There are no isolation boxes in this part of the question :))

2014-02-12 »

Zed Shaw and bitcoin, together at last!

The only sad thing is that the shark got jumped so long ago I missed the party.

2014-02-13 »

I write a lot of email and then they send me trophies, essentially.

2014-02-20 »

When watching a presentation, I often wish people would go twice as fast.

Coincidentally, when watching me do a presentation, people often wish I would go half as fast.


2014-02-22 »

Link via Lauren Weinstein:

Naturally I do not consider this an analogy to any Grand Unified Rewrite Without Any Milestones projects.

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