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2016-09-08 »

I don't really understand why people are so upset about Apple dropping the ancient headphone jack. I'm generally a late adopter (and am not planning to buy a first-generation iPhone 7 either) but I think switching to a digital output will be great. This article covers most of my reasons why.

My own reasons include:
- Headphone/earphone/speaker vendors have more control over DAC, amplifier, and EQ. (The DAC can be calibrated to the exact characteristics of the physical output device!)
- Phone can remember your preferred volume (etc) settings for each different output device.
- Button inputs (volume up/down, pause/play) have always been flakey hacks on analog connections; now they'll work right.
- Lightning connectors appear to be generally higher quality than old-style analog audio connectors, so you should get less of the partially-disconnected sort of problems (playing only in one ear, etc).

I also look forward to wireless earphones, but I definitely wouldn't buy Airpods 1.0. That way lies madness. 5 hours of battery life is okay, but not really good enough for a long coding session. (Also, having watched people debug bluetooth accessories on my team, and sometimes using supposedly production bluetooth stuff myself, I applaud Apple's decision to do something, anything, else. Bluetooth is a flaming trash heap.)


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