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2014-09-02 »

In celebration of fixing bugs in our platform so that it would pass trivial tests so that we could put those trivial tests in a new integration testing framework that we needed to design so that we could make sure wifi (and other) problems didn't recur so that we could make bigger changes to the wifi layers so that we could more safely enable inter-access-point coordination so that we could auto-disable wifi on the TV box when it was in range of the network box so that we could finally enable TV box wifi by default so that customers could have fast wifi in every room of their house,


Denton presented us with these miniature Cthulhus made from actual yak hair.  I am in awe.

Just this once, I think it's safe to say, don't worry, the yak has already been shaved.

Try Tailscale: mesh networking, centralized administration, WireGuard.

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