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2013-10-28 »

Daniel tested our MoCA 2.0 support, and actually got ~390 Mbit/sec TCP out of the theoretical MoCA 2.0 maximum of 400 Mbit/sec.  That's amazing.  That never happens.

What this means is that it could also be plausible, in the not too distant future, to use dual-channel bonded MoCA (using two bands at once) and get the actual rated 800 Mbit/sec.  Yowza.

Clearly the MoCA alliance needs to hire some of the marketers from the wifi alliance, who manage to say 450 Mbit/sec when they mean 300 Mbit/sec, and they get away with it.  Plus their ratings are done using wires instead of antennas.  I'm not even kidding.

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