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2011-01-04 »

The first testimonial for djb redo

...other than from me, that is.

    It gets better - by "really wants" I mean "SCons requires sophisticated Python code to create new build rules". If you look at the "scons" branch of my bsnes-qt repository, it includes a "qt4" plugin[1] that adds special build rules for Qt4-based projects. It's nearly a thousand lines long, and I still have to hack around it in the SConstruct file because this particular project doesn't conform to the usual Qt conventions. By comparison the "build-scripts/util" file in my "redo" branch is about 60 lines long, half of which is the non-Qt-specific "compile" shell function. Granted, my solution would be a lot bigger if it was as portable and comprehensive as the SCons plugin, but at least this approach was feasible for me to create in an afternoon.

    -- Tim Allen on the redo mailing list

Take that, scons.

(More about my redo project)

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