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See Avery @ CodeRage III on December 4, 2008

My conference presentation about Schemamatic(1) has been accepted for CodeRage III, a virtual conference with virtual presentations put on by the Delphi guys.

I have never been to a virtual conference -- ha ha, I mean, nobody has, but I haven't even watched presentations from one before. The idea is that you make a pre-recorded webcast of your presentation, and then they play it at a particular time while you and your audience all hang out in the same online chat room. The idea is kind of nifty, because you can answer questions about your talk, live, while you seem to be talking.

It seems I've been assigned the crazy timeslot from hell, 7pm PACIFIC time on December 4th. That's 10pm here in Eastern time, which would be ridiculous if it weren't exactly the sort of time I'd be working anyhow. I guess somehow they knew.

Anyway, conference registration is free and you don't have to even go anywhere, so please feel free to sign up by following the link above. I haven't talked about Schemamatic here yet, but it's pretty amazing and this particular version was Translated from The Perl (and then greatly improved) almost entirely by cpirate via a contract to The Navarra Group.

As part of the demo I'll also be presenting my own amazing and life-changing new program, Squel, which you don't know about yet.


(1) I can't reasonably link to Schemamatic yet, because it's an as-yet-undocumented part of Versaplex, which is also undocumented. I guess I'll have to try to sort that out in time for the conference :)

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