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2008-11-08 »

Drag-and-drop auto-install/update component

Hopefully you'll forgive me a bit of self-congratulation:

For the last few nights I stayed up really late working on a drag-and-drop Delphi component that can make pretty much any Delphi application self-installing and self-upgrading, just like AmSchedule Express (AMSE). Of course, it's actually based on the code from AMSE, so you'd think it wouldn't be that much work.

The real work, however, was in generalizing the code to minimize dependencies elsewhere in the program; you can write an install program for any program, but it's harder to write an install program for every program. But at last, (and after some very, very scary things involving locks held during thread termination; don't ask), it seems I've been successful.

As a bonus, I also took anti-Avery's advice and made it download in the background before annoying you about it. It also now verifies the downloaded file's SHA-1 hash, and avoids re-downloading in case you exit the program and run it again.

The bad news: all of this does you no good. We're not releasing this component, at least for now, so only we get to use it in our own apps.


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