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A quick comparison of U.S. and Canadian political issues

A few people have been sending around this video, which is basically a bunch of Hollywood actors and actresses patronizingly trying to convince you to vote.

Basically, they scare you into it by listing a bunch of scary unresolved issues and reminding you that electing the right person will actually affect how those issues are resolved.

Okay, probably true.

But what was fascinating to me was that none of those issues are even on the radar in Canada. They're just plain resolved here - properly. The things we're worried about in our own election are much more abstract. It seems impossible for us to imagine living in a society where such trivial things are even open to question.

It reminded me of the first time I visited New York. "Wow! Macy's is a real store!" Until then, for me, it was nothing more than a prop in a bunch of TV shows and movies. That's why American propaganda doesn't work very well on Canadians; it just feels like fiction to us.

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