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2007-03-17 »

Stupid entrepreneurship, revisited

Hey, I know! Google organizes the world's information using all kinds of clever algorithms that automate the selection and prioritization of information from giant data stores like the Internet, in ways and at a scale that never would have been possible to do by hand.

That means the standard, market-leading way of organizing the world's information is now to automate it using clever algorithms.

Hmmm... how to compete with such a thing? Well, we can't beat them at their own game; they're way too far ahead. We have to completely change the rules of the game. What do all the search engines like Google have in common? I know! Algorithms! They're all sorting the information automatically using algorithms! What if I made a search engine where people had to painstakingly generate all the search results by hand? Nobody else does that! I'd be in a class by myself! Except for those other idiots who are also doing it! It would be pure genius!

Try Tailscale: mesh networking, centralized administration, WireGuard.

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