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2006-04-02 »

From the Peanut Gallery

I realize this is Advogato, so you're expecting me to say something about coding. But as I am quickly realizing, poetry is much more relevant to a programmer's life than you might normally assume. So I'm going to just pass along the cheesy poetry people send me; it's really the least I can do. The least. Really.

    -- Easter Dinner -- Will poetry cause Nitix sales to grow?
    Quite likely, not worth a damn,
    But what your mother wants to know,
    Is do you want turkey or ham.

Just so you know, the above shows a slight misunderstanding of my overall marketing strategy. Come on, poetry doesn't make people buy stuff; that would be ridiculous! Poetry just gets their attention. It's the photos of cute fluffy bunnies that will make them buy stuff.

Uh, ham, please.

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