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2005-01-22 »

Only Almost Crazy

I spent this week on bare inside edge of "completely out of control", jumping from project to project and person to person giving advice that, luckily, appears to have been correct more than 75% of the time. "Isn't your problem just that?" "Oh, of course!" "Could we do it this way instead and do almost no work?" "Oh, right!"

I have a feeling that most of these things just needed someone with a different perspective to look at them - and because I was constantly coming at one project after looking at a totally different one five minutes earlier, I was guaranteed to have a different view of things than the person who was stuck. It's convenient - you can look smart without having to actually be smart all the time.

Since all the due dates appear to have turned out to be Monday morning, I guess I'll find out then just how smart I am. :)

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