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2004-05-18 »


This weekend I was going somewhere Southwest of my apartment, so when I left my apartment, I started by going East.

Well, I wasn't in that big of a hurry.

I only went one block East, then I turned South, walked down that way, and went West to get to my destination.

The thing that interested me about this was when I realized I had never travelled that route before - the street one block East of my apartment is pretty nice, but I never use it. Everywhere I want to go is always to the West. I've tried pretty much all the routes that involve travelling "strictly non-East", but this time I got to see a lot of different, interesting things, just by allowing my path to stray a little bit.

I do have the tendency to overoptimize my travelling. I suppose most people do. This is why we need NonDirectionalFridays at work - although we often neglect them. That's dangerous, because it limits our perspective.

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