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2003-04-22 »

More Mozilla

dan: I really did try to find something that the average person would find more useful in Mozilla than IE, but I stand by my opinion. The average person doesn't benefit. If my grandma could figure out what a popup was or how to configure blocking for it, that would be great; if IE didn't do perfectly good password management already (and even better with RoboForms) that would be wonderful.

I was honestly hoping (expecting?) that I'd find something in the list of 101 items, since I'm fully aware that Mozilla (or its variants) are the best non-IE browsers available. I use it myself, since I don't have a Windows desktop. But unfortunately Microsoft has us beat. If one of the things in the list had been "loads faster" or "renders faster" or "renders more pages that people actually visit" or "integrates better with your desktop" or "fits in with your existing desktop theme" or "isn't ugly", then you would have had me. Sadly, IE does all of those things better than Mozilla, and those are the things that the average person cares about.

I was even personally pleased to see that Mozilla is now claiming pipelined HTTP, which is one of my big concerns - sadly, average people don't care about that, either.

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