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2003-04-21 »

Mozilla Still Sucks

dyork: I was distressed to read the entire "101 things that Mozilla can do that IE cannot" article and not find a single thing that an average person would find useful. Looks like browsers are officially "mature" now, kinda like word processors. (Translation: only really really smart people can think of something useful to add.)

Election Algorithms

Bram: The election analysis stuff is really interesting. I finally understand what's wrong with the Canadian/U.S. election systems (which are the only ones I care enough about to have watched, sorry). Now to convince the Powers That Be that they should switch to the condorcet system. Good luck.

There is also something here about document correlation, but I'm not yet sure exactly what.

Opening the NIT

After more fiddling, we're at last almost ready to replace the old with the new new OpenNit quasi-wiki. And the anonymous cvs access is all set now using cvsd, pending one DNS registration.

Branch Constraint Theory

If I can just tear myself away from random browsing and email for a few hours, I'll be able to sanitize my (as previously mentioned) Branch Constraint Theory paper. Maybe tonight. Should I post it as an advogato article? Hmm.

(I must be on vacation, because I actually feel like I'm catching up for a change. I'm sure I'll get over it soon.)

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