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    Quote for Dec 16, 2012

    Perl doesn't have any agenda at all, other than to be maximally useful to
    the maximal number of people. To be the duct tape of the Internet, and of
    everything else.

      - Larry Wall

Hi, I'm Avery Pennarun, a former student originating in Thunder Bay, Ontario but presently living in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, except that I'm actually living in Montréal, Québec, but now I'm back in Waterloo, but then I moved to Ottawa for a while before returning to Waterloo, which lasted until a brief sojourn in Squamish, BC before moving back to Waterloo one last time until I moved quasi-permanently to Montréal again, where I stayed for a while until I did a quantum-mechanical split and began to exist in Montréal and London, ON simultaneously, which resolved into just London, ON (ironically, along with three non-Shrodinger cats), but eventually dispersed to Salt Spring Island, BC, for a rather short time before I moved to New York, last time I updated this sentence.

There are several silly things on this site. Feel free to explore.