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2017-01-19 »

Moved to new apartment. Listed old one for sublet. Got modified Nigerian Prince scam. That's a new one (to me).

  • I'm a foreigner and my employer is paying me to relocate, price is no object!
  • Okay, I guess that's not how I would have opened the negotiation, but no need to rip you off, what are the dates you're staying?
  • I'm super nice and never make noise and am like the best tenant ever
  • That's great, what dates?
  • Could you tell me what international airport is closest to you?
  • Um, it's New York, so...
  • The thing is, my employer doesn't like to issue two cheques, so I need to get them to send you one cheque for the first month's rent as well as my travel expenses, and then you can pay me back for the travel expenses, okay?
  • Ah.

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