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#firstsevenjobs  (subject to interpretation due to overlaps)

1. Main sysadmin for first free dialup ISP in my hometown.
2. Main sysadmin for first non-free dialup ISP in my hometown.
3. Tiny SNMP agent and text console for embedded controller in videoconferencing appliance.
4. Automated testing for million-dollar semiconductor test devices.
5. Declarative UI generator for database apps.
6. +/- 30 microsecond GPS time sync for multipath p2p audio/video live streaming appliances.
7. Self-configuring Linux-based server/firewall/router appliances for small business.
n. Google

My life is on repeat, basically, except we only get +/- 30 milliseconds nowadays.

I'm CEO at Tailscale, where we make network problems disappear.

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