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2015-12-19 »

This is a bit simplistic but an interesting point.  Note that it should be able to disassociate any camera within wifi scanning range, not just on your own network.


Naturally, you probably shouldn't be screwing up other people's cameras.  And there's an 802.11 extension for signed management frames which would disable this particular variant of the attack if everyone used it (ha ha) (although of course channel-wide jammers and other more aggressive attacks would still work).

Given that wifi is almost impossibly attractive as a deployment platform for spy cams, I wonder what the long-term response to this will be.  My guess: stealth-mode cams that store-and-forward or otherwise disguise their traffic patterns to not look like cams.  (The code linked here just kills based on MAC OUI, but there's no reason the technique won't stop there.)

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