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2013-09-06 »

I really liked this article, because it convinced me of the opposite of what they were trying to convince me of.

"This is about a simple rule: Brand design follows brand management, not the other way around."

Here's what I think Mayer wants to do with the brand: make it clear to every person inside the company that nothing is sacred.  You can fire your high-priced consultants and replace their work in a weekend.  You can do it yourself.  The CEO is not afraid to step in and make that happen.  The CEO is not afraid to blog about it afterwards and take full responsibility for a decision.  And the CEO knows how to make a splash without breaking actual important parts (like usability).

I also suspect that if you worked at Yahoo, there was some kind of hidden message in there about being data driven, although I don't know exactly what that message was if they really did just pre-select this logo before doing 30 days of other ones.

I don't know if this Yahoo turnaround will work out.  It's a near-impossible job. But I really like that the turnaround is a complete rejection of the person who wrote this article and everything he represents.

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