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My sister has been working in tech support for an ISP for years now.  I told her I volunteered to help test our call center tomorrow to get ready for the launch, but didn't know what questions a real person would ask since they don't even have the product yet.  She had plenty of ideas.  Here are some:

Ask what the speeds are!  And how the installation works!

And if it will work with your pre-existing wires in your home!

And if they have to drill lots of holes.

And if it'll work if you don't have a computer, but you have 3 Xboxes and an ipad.

How abouuuuutt...  How long does it take to install?

Are there bandwidth restrictions?  Can I run a torrent server?

Do they really give you guys free food and massages?

Will the installer track mud from his boots all over my white carpets?

What's your name?  You have a real perrrty voice.

Do you provide a router?  Is it N or G?

Can I get pictures of my grandkids in an email?

What's the difference between this, and my current provider?

Is this fiber as good as the stuff in my Raisin Bran?

Ask "why???" a lot.

And the phrase "Uh, I ain't a technical person" is a good one.

Also, pretend to be hard of hearing.  Phone people love that.

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