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2012-07-05 »

"I have another theory, too: When software companies get to a certain size, they start taking their users for granted. They start treating their users as pawns in a battle against some other company. Faceless millions. Gotta copy everything the other company does, or risk falling behind. So they end up doing everything the other company does whether the users want it or not..."


It's a bit of a failure of an article, since it's talking about how Firefox sucks now because they started doing frequent updates and so a bunch of users switched to Chrome.  This is of course ridiculous since Chrome has really frequent updates, so the thesis doesn't exactly hold together.  Perhaps even more ridiculous is that the quote above is complaining about Firefox, not about Google.

But it sounded insightful when taken out of context, so here you go, context-free.

Try Tailscale: mesh networking, centralized administration, WireGuard.

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