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2011-09-11 »

Today Chrome just auto-expanded its list of autocomplete addresses to include 200 University W., Waterloo, ON, my address in residence in first year at the University of Waterloo in 1996-1997. It also offered the address from the rest of my university career (1997-2001).

This is a bit astonishing because:

1. It has never offered these addresses before.

2. Chrome didn't exist at the time, so it certanly didn't record this address.

3. I didn't start using a Mac until 2006, and this particular one until 2009 (I migrated the settings, so 2006 is probably the key date if Apple is somehow responsible).

4. My contacts list definitely doesn't have anything nearly that old. Wait, even Google didn't exist in 1997. I obviously never would have entered this address into anything Googly, ever.

So okay, smart people. Question: how did this happen?

(And for bonus points: why did this happen? An address that old isn't really helping me fill out order forms :) )

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