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2011-06-22 »

18 more tidbits of randomness

Five years after my last post about the Montreal Fringe Festival, a lot of things have changed, but a lot of things are just how they were before. Have I changed in five years? At least in one way: this year, I don't feel any pressure to tell you what this has to do with programming :)

And so, 18 tidbits of randomness, in chronological order this time:

Karaoke gone pro. Hypnotic failure modes (and some success).

A tough time in Texas, and a fine time on Mars. Men re: men; poet re: angry poet. Proof that scriptwriting has gotten better over time, and proof that lack of writing can lead to self-incrimination.

New York style neuroses; Shakespeare style collaboration; Montreal style relationships.

Choose pretty much just the one adventure, or see work experience as an adventure, or grab your bicycle and have an actual adventure, or let someone who should know tell you about cosmic adventure.

Bunnies - exactly as advertised, but so much better than it sounds.

Angsty, but fruitless.

Radio, but visible.

And don't forget: 7 years of afterparties.

I only saw 18 shows this year, but it only took three days.

This year's record-breaking density has been made possible by Bixi.


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