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Open source is stupid

Not the software. The people. And not the people who make the software. The people who comment about it. I guess now that includes me, which is appropriate, since writing this post will obviously have no positive outcome.

Background: I love Linux. I've written far more Linux software (commercial and open source) than software for any other platform. Back in the 1990's, I even wrote a Linux kernel driver and poem that's (to my ongoing dismay) still in use today.

So yesterday's random post, in which I said something nice about Apple, naturally tagged me instantly as an "Apple Fanboy." (Of course, the accuser here is "somewhat of an exception" because he "really loves Linux." Uh huh. Yay you.)

By the way, yes, thank you for asking, I do have a Blackberry, and I have used the SDK, and the Blackberry simulator is 100% pure crap compared to the iPhone simulator. This is obvious after 0.5 seconds of comparing the two, after which the iPhone one has finished loading your app and the Blackberry one hasn't even made its window appear yet, let alone booted the simulated Blackberry OS.

Nevertheless, it's true. I am probably officially an Apple fanboy now. I mean, I've had an iPod since 2005, which is nearly the beginning of time. I even upgraded to an iPod Touch recently. Also I have a Mac laptop because they're the only ones where power management actually works. Plus I totally downloaded their SDK last week.

Speaking of which, XCode sucks.

Anyway. Fanboy. Yes. Probably. I do have to admit that it's interesting following along with the whole Evil/Artist dichotomy. Or is it a dichotomy at all? I mean, how can you be a serious artist and then let people use Java? Yes, Android, I'm talking to you.

And oh, speaking of Android. While I'm flaming people needlessly, let me just add one more thing:

Top 10 Paid apps in the Android App Store

See the list here.

  • Abduction! World Attack: 2D game in 1980's style, but with more colours.
  • Power Manager: because multitasking kills your battery.
  • Baseball Superstars: they're afraid to show any screenshots.
  • Open Home: Replace your home screen to further reduce usability.
  • Jewellust: a Bejewelled clone. Guess Bejewelled guys didn't bother.
  • MyBackup Pro: like backing up with iTunes, only not free.
  • Tangram Pro: something Chinese.
  • aHome: Yes, another one. Replace your home screen replacement.
  • dxTop: Oh look! 3/10 of the top paid apps replace the home screen!
  • Aevum Obscurum: the ancient game of Risk, only now you get to pay for it.

Looking at the top 10 free apps is even more apalling. The top 10 free arcade/action games include Pac Man, Tron, Rescue Copter (with realistic 1980's 4-colour graphics!), BrickBreaker, Nibbles, and worse. I'm not kidding about worse.

Remember, folks, Google is the worldwide expert at showing the very best stuff at the top of your search list. Just think what the next 10 look like!

Guys. This is what happens when you let Java people write apps for your platform. Who's evil, again?

Top 10 Paid apps in the Apple App Store

  • The Simpsons(tm)
  • Mega Man(tm) II
  • Scrabble(tm)
  • Monopoly(tm)
  • The Sims(tm) 3
  • Bejeweled(tm) 2
  • plus some garbage

Oddly, the ridiculously addictive and awesome Space Miner isn't even in the top 10.

You will note that Apple actually explicitly prohibits Java developers from coming anywhere near their SDK. It's part of the license. I'm not even kidding. This is not a coincidence.

There. Glad I got that out of my system.

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