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2009-08-19 »

Microsoft Access + Git = 14x file size reduction

Okay, the cat's apparently out of the bag. I didn't even know these videos had been posted (possibly because I don't pay enough attention), but for once I'm actually rather pleased with how one of my presentations sounds in a recording. This is me at Montreal NewTech in June, talking about some of the technology behind EQL Data.

The first part is a loose history of Microsoft Access and its file format, including some great facts I made up:

The person you can hear giggling in the background occasionally is pphaneuf.

The second part talks about... yes... what happens when you store the entire history of an Access database in Git. (Hint: good things.)

Sadly, this presentation was made a few short weeks before we released EQL Access OnWeb, which actually literally executes Microsoft Access (actually the free Access Runtime) and displays it in a web browser. That would have made a pretty cool demo! Oh well, maybe next time.

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