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On Montreal Highway Construction

Last week I tried to pick someone up at the Montreal airport and got stuck in the most ridiculous traffic jam I've ever been part of, taking 2 hours to travel 4 kilometers.

pmccurdy sent me a story from the Montreal Gazette explaining the situation. Tip to Montreal highway industry: signs that tell people before getting to the insane traffic jam that you have pre-scheduled an insane traffic jam for the next 30 days, so they can maybe take an alternate route, would be more than welcome.

My favourite comment on the article was a response to someone who compared Montreal's construction industry to that of a third-world country. The response was:

    In a real top notch third world city, people wouldn't have to walk to the airport. There would be mopeds and donkeys and bicycle rikshaws etc.

You know, if someone had passed me on a donkey, I think it would have cheered me up.

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