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Some brief responses to my critics

As you've probably noticed by now, my journal doesn't allow comments. This is for two reasons: first, because the software it uses is kinda basic (I like it that way!) and simply doesn't support them; and second, because it takes a lot of time to delete spam and stupid comments, and this increases the threshold of entry into the discussion.

Now, that doesn't mean I don't "enjoy" the comments occasionally. Sometimes my stuff gets picked up on syndicated sites and collects some discussion. Just so nobody gets the idea that I don't care, I'll summarize a few of my responses.


ext2resize sucks, but apparently so do I, and also a lot of other things too
(original) (reddit discussion)

Oh, right!! Geez, I'm such an idiot. I obviously forgot to read the man page, which is how I missed the "--dont-destroy-all-my-data" option.


A little secret that will make the world fall apart
(original) (ycombinator discussion)

Dear "bring back the gold standard" people: Gold is also intrinsically worthless. I know this is true because I don't own any and I don't care, and if I had some, it would affect my life precisely not at all. The gold standard worked because people believed it would work, just like any other monetary system.

Also, being rare does not make you valuable. OMG! Smallpox is rare!! Sign me up!


Tracking an entire Windows system inside Git
(original) (ycombinator discussion) (reddit discussion)

It seems nobody was particularly able to criticize this article because they were stunned by my insanity. I aspire to this level of achievement in all my writing.

(But to the guy on reddit who thinks NTFS is faster than ext3: I use them both on a daily basis. I didn't do any pro-style fancy-pants double-blind study benchmarks, but... try copying 1000 small files sometime. The one that does it more than twice as slowly loses. I'm just saying.)

Thanks to everyone who writes to me or on the web about my articles, as usual. You're all great. No, that doesn't mean I'll be enabling comments.

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