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Well, it seems to be my week for small, handy tools. As a followup to cron2rss from a few days ago, I now present to you: gitbuilder. It's an autobuilder tool for your favourite git-based project, with built-in bisection support.

I've been working on this for a while, but I finally decided to get it production-ready a few days ago after I spent several hours tracking down a problem... that turned out to already be caught by our unit tests. Except nobody had run the unit tests recently. Oops. Well, now I'll run them for you, thank you very much.

Check out a sample of the results at the Versaplex autobuilder page.

Side note

GitHub.com is way more addictive than I thought. It's what SourceForge and Google Code should have been: a really easy way for people to publish, fork, and merge source code, with a few extra hyperlinks thrown in here and there for good measure. The key thing is the non-global namespace, so you can just dump stuff there and give it to people whenever you want; it's like an extension of your local ~/src directory. Thanks to wlach for convincing me to try it.

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