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2008-07-17 »

It lives

The company that I co-founded and eventually left lives on as Lotus Foundations.

There's even a guy blogging about it. (He includes some screenshots of the new webconfig and boot screens. The webconfig update looks quite classy.(1)

It was also featured in the keynote at Lotusphere 2008.

And speaking of things that aren't dead, I discovered all these links using the beta of Pressflip, formerly Persai, a surprisingly non-sucky news engine from the guy who made uncov. I'm not usually impressed by Web 2.0 startups, to say the least, but this one is pretty cool. Check it out.


(1) The boot screen is less classy; when they changed the "Nitix - Autonomic Linux" title in syslinux to say "Lotus Foundations", they centered it incorrectly, probably because they counted the colour code bytes as visible characters. Probably nobody else would ever notice this, except that I've done it myself in the past.

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