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2008-04-25 »

Shameless request

Hello fellow alumnits,

I know that quite a lot of you work at Google now, so I want to ask for a favour: can you weasel me a preview license to Google Appengine? It sounds really fun to play with, and I even have a project in mind.

Way back at NITI, we used to have a system for catching wvcrash output and querying it in various different ways. I wrote a system similar to wvcrash for AmSchedule Express and other Versabanq stuff, but I haven't yet written a handy analysis and tracking system for the crashes. I think this would be a fun project to run publicly with someone else's resources and let all sorts of software send their crash dumps to it. And since I need it anyway, I'd do most of the work. See? Everybody wins!

(Except Google, who's giving all this away for free :))

Update: Well, that was quick. Thanks, mag!

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