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2007-11-26 »

FIXME: don't forget to update this after the weekend, or I'll end up looking silly!

Montreal blitzweekend post-mortem

So, Montreal's Blitzweekend has just passed, and boy, am I tired! There were the usual organizational nitpicks, but overall, it was ____.

A few people there commented that we should have _ instead of _. They have a point, but that's not exactly right either. When we used to do this sort of thing at NITI, what we would do instead was _, which made sure that each person got a turn but didn't waste everyone's time.

There was a bit of a problem with _____. Typical. Well, that's what happens when you don't plan very carefully in advance, in unconference style. It has advantages and disadvantages.

Overall, it was a pretty fun event. I'd definitely do it again. Congratulations to the organizers!

Update: Sigh. These probabilistic pre-posts just don't seem to be working out for me. Blitzweekend was rescheduled to February 2008, thus ruining my joke a bit :)

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